Saturday, July 15, 2006

Magnolia Splendor

Magnolia Splendor

Folder Difficulties

My latest design, Magnolia Splendor, is now stitched and framed. The folder design has been completed and it's ready for printing!

However, printing this particular design has posed a problem for me. The green shades, for whatever reason, are being 'read' as blue and thus printed as such! I find this quite exasperating to say the least. It has been tried several times on different machines with the same results. This has caused me to rething my selling format.

I am now strongly considering changing my designs from a folder format to the bagged item I've seen in LNS shops - where there is the printed design photo and key as well as numerous sheets representing the different sections of that particular design. I have never been a fan of this concept but can now see the possibilities of it! I'd actually be able to print off my own design rather than going through a printer. Since I am unable (at this point) to order the massive quantities that printers prefer (thus a better price), I expect my cost would be much the same.

So for now, I only need to obtain the massive quantities of bags (required for an order) to continue...